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Deformr – Swindled (Music)


A curated selection of songs and deathscapes from deep within the Swindled archives. Handpicked by Deformr and ACC, these best represent the aural environment of the show. If while listening to these you feel sad, lonely, disoriented, anxious, scared, or depressed then the desired effect has been achieved. Thank you for participating.


  1. Strange and Eternal (The Salesman)
  2. The Brood (The Crusader)
  3. Skagerrak (The Ob-Gyn)
  4. Mooonn O))) (The Killdozer)
  5. Roots Thru Bones (The Body Broker)
  6. HTHNFLWRS (The Bishop)
  7. LKNGGLSS333 (The Atheist)
  8. M’lord Baron (The Killdozer)
  9. There Is No Otherside (The Explosion)
  10. Modern Science (The Well)
  11. Torpor (The Atheist)
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Digital Download

Downloadable .zip file containing eleven songs in MP3 format with hi-res album art

Release Date

November 4, 2022


Approx. 56 minutes

Produced by

Trevor Howard

Mastered by

Gregor Cash


AJ Garcés