Swindled is a biweekly podcast that utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to tell true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil.

The anonymous host, using “A Concerned Citizen” as his moniker, recounts tales of real life, financially motivated crimes including embezzlements, frauds, Ponzi schemes, environmental disasters, corporate negligence, corruption, and more.

Swindled is a completely independent production dedicated to providing a compelling, entertaining, and informative experience.

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Rowan Slaney, ' A history of Martin Luther King's non-violence – podcasts of the week'

Pick of the Week: "Swindled covers high-ranking cover-ups and meticulously outlines notorious white-collar crimes, with stories ranging from defective medical devices to deadly chemical spills."


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[One of] the 52 Great True-Crime Podcasts [of] the post-Serial boom.


Simon Matthew Chandler, 'The 13 Best True Crime Podcasts of 2018'

In contrast to true crime podcasts about murders and disappearances, Swindled is a podcast that focuses on white-collar crime, such as fraud, insider trading, bribery, and so on. Hosted by the anonymous "Concerned Citizen," its attraction lies largely in its ability to penetrate below the surface of corporate America, using steely narration and archive recordings to expose corruption in a highly gripping way.


Elena Fernandez-Collins, 'The 20 Best True Crime Podcasts'

Swindled is the true crime podcast covering corporate crime and white-collar greed with audio that make my skin crawl with disgust and masterful anonymous storytelling. Episode 10, ‘The Judges’, deals with two judges taking bribes to impose harsher sentences on juveniles and feed the school-to-prison pipeline. It’s horrifying and maddening, and A Concerned Citizen, the anonymous storyteller, has done all the work necessary to bring it to our ears and minds.


Kevyn Burger, '10 must-listen true crime podcasts'

This continuing series about brash white-collar criminals details bribes, financial conspiracies, scams and embezzlement schemes and the con men (and women) who didn’t get away with their greedy grifts.

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Will Nicol, "The best true crime podcasts offer chilling insights into humanity"

Swindled explores the world of “white collar” crime, which, although nonviolent, can be devastating for people and even communities. Each episode investigates a different case, such as an attempt to rig a lottery or an environmental disaster caused by a company recklessly dumping toxic chemicals. The stories are remarkable and often enraging.


The Televangelist

Reverend Jim Bakker's financial and sexual scandals topple his Christian entertainment empire.

Prelude: The secrets of faith healer Peter Popoff are revealed.

The Judges

Two Luzerne County judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, are accused of accepting over $2 million in kickbacks in exchange for imposing harsh sentences on juveniles to increase occupancy at for-profit detention centers.

Prelude: Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak is involved in a pay-to-play corruption scandal.

The Contraceptive

A pharmaceutical company looks the other way as its promising new birth control product, the Dalkon Shield intrauterine device (IUD), endangers the lives of more than 2 million women around the world.

Prelude: A pill scare sweeps the nation as a result of the Nelson Pill Hearings.

The Canal

Once envisioned as a model community, the neighborhood of Love Canal in Niagra Falls, New York, became the victim of a massive, man-made environmental disaster.

Prelude: James Denney, a Missouri farmer, makes a deal for a local chemical company to bury its waste on his property.

  • This podcast is easily my favorite of all time. A Concerned Citizen presents hard stories about the consequences of greed with deadpan delivery and unflinching honesty. The host never devolves into sensationalism or banter, a trait too common in true crime podcasts. Swindled is serious and driven, and makes a daunting topic accessible. I think that his delivery is powerful regarding the topics at hand. White-collar crime is easy to romanticize, but the whole team behind the podcast strips it down to its rotten, ugly core. They go beyond mere condemnation and examine the complex motives of greed, which gives the show nuance. As I listened, I came to understand the variations to the theme - opportunistic greed (The Gigolo), negligent greed (The Leak), hubristic greed (The Contraceptive), and so on. It is fair storytelling that doesn’t absolve or condemn the criminals, but shows their human motives for committing inhuman acts. Please listen to this podcast.
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  • Well done to Swindled for their coverage of a case I used to cover when teaching nurses. Far too few people know about it, and it remains relevant today.
  • [Swindled] was beyond excellent as the story of a Pennsylvania State Treasurer was told with such depth, hope & heartbreak. It's the kind of thing you don't want to hear BUT you better listen!
  • It’s hard to find “amazing” content to listen to. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re doing it right.
    Cindy Simons
  • Swindled podcast is incredibly well done. It's clear to me that each episode is thoroughly researched and compiled, making for great story telling. I appreciate this podcast keeping things fresh, covering stories much less mainstream from your typical "American Greed". Consider me another Concerned Citizen.
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